Martial Arts & business

Excellence as a way of life

Martial Arts, like Taekwondo, create better leaders.

Developing the skill to always learn something new, to take critical feedback, to harness mental ability as much or more than physical ability. All these benefits and more make martial arts a lesson on how to develop ourselves.

My deep passion for and long practice at martial arts has had huge benefits. As I prepare for my Master Black Belt in Taekwondo, Hapkido and Gumdo, this page offers material for those interested in what martial arts can do for you.

Look below for photos, articles and links to videos.

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TKD highlights

From My Collection

Below are my personal photos of past TKD events with the Oriental Martial Arts College (OMAC) Canada. 

As well, please see my YouTube channel on Power Breaking if interested.

Passing the next level

If you think you can, you are likely right.


Passing the next level