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Building Successful Culture Using Proven Measurement Tools

Business is not easy. Achieving business success is really not easy.

To create an enduring, excellent culture that keeps on delivering success is the toughest challenge in business.

What is the path? What do some businesses know that others do not?

1) You need a model of culture that makes sense to you.

All business is built on a model. Fashion, software, even rockets. All businesses in these areas know the business model for success and either use it or create a disruptive adaptation to gain market advantage.

2) Accept that resilience is a core competency for success.

Consider the most resilient people you know. Family, friends, people you care about deeply or just admire, either up close or through Instagram.

When you reflect on them, what is it that makes them resilient? Quickly you will find resilient does not mean "nasty".

More likely they just get better under pressure. They allow their emotion to show. They are compassionate, make good decisions and bounce back when knocked down.

Your resilience will differentiate you at work and home.

3) Understand how resilient your culture is today - and where you want it to go, using validated data.

In a business culture, resilient has the most to do with our relationships - how we treat each other. It is a function of our resilient nurtured mindset.

You can measure a business culture, the norms, what is valued and what people wish it was using proven measurement tools. How? We are certified in the use of the OCI tool kit, an outstanding world leader in the measurement of organization culture.

Once measured, real plans, connected to actual data allow you to nudge a business, building on the resilience of your people, to create true business success.

* * *

So how do you gain a more resilient mindset? Here is an article from the American Psychology Association with practical steps.

How do you build a more resilient business? Keep reading our materials and look for guidance on this critical challenge.

In this unprecedented point in time I truly hope you find more resilience that helps you cope better at home and excel at work.

Best wishes,


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