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Power of Sharing

Several months ago I was asked to support a cause I believe in deeply - workplace safety. I said yes and gladly delivered a session to a reasonably large, virtual audience.

While I speak broadly on a range of topics, the idea of revisiting a former career and topic at first was not my main interest. You see, for many years I was a workplace safety and risk executive and left that career more than 12 years ago for business performance improvement, speaking engagements and coaching.

When the request came to speak with audiences almost 6 months ago in this of all years, my thought was, "that is a good idea". My hope was these thoughts might help a new generation of risk and safety professionals.

Then today something wonderful happened... life came full circle .

An article was published today in Daily Commercial News paraphrasing the session. You can read the article here:

On reading it, I had three reactions:

  1. It was a surprise. The only reason this article came to my attention is thanks to a Google Alert I set up years and years ago. It is set to detect "Kirby James" anywhere on the web. Highly recommend that for you.

  2. The article tone clearly indicates my content had impact. As someone motivated to help others, this was such a bonus to see. Weeks after the event clearly the ideas still resonated with people.

  3. It feels so good to see a good deed live on. My true belief is the world is better when we work together to make it better.

Most of all, it is joyous to see the core idea of that presentation resonated with the author Angela Gismondi. We can create a mindset for ourselves that focusses on building what we want for a better world and life. Learning to stop stopping and start building is a great life lesson.

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