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Great Results from Difficult Conversations

Learn to Embrace Discomfort

We all have them or need to have them. Difficult conversations. Sometimes we avoid them. Sometimes we just don’t get the results we want.
Kirby taps into our desire for a system to create constructive results and addresses our natural desire to avoid discomfort.

Maple Leaf

Normal is a Mindset

Build an Elite Ability to Adapt

Drawing from his studies in neuroscience, Kirby takes audiences on a powerful journey to explore how our mind defines normal today and how we can direct our mindset to what can be tomorrow. Enriched by our shared pandemic experience, audiences yearn for a path back to normal. Spoiler alert: old normal isn’t coming back – we need a new one.

Business Meeting

Performance by the Numbers

Upgrade Your Leaders Toolbox

Leaders focus on rallying people to create greater results. What data can leaders rely on? Gain insights from a Master Black Belt of Lean 6 Sigma, scientist and EdTech software company co-founder on what data you can trust, how to "see" deeper into the number and use them to create higher performance.


Resilience is a Learned Skill

Avoid Burnout, Reduce Turnover

Too often Grit and Resilience are seen as the same thing. They are NOT. Gain insight into how we learn to be Resilient and what you can do personally and as an organization to improve this crucial survival skill.

Kirby speaks on a wide array of topics, including Board Governance & Operations, Risk Management & Organization Culture. Let us know what your group needs and let's explore if we are the best fit to collaborate.

Keynote Presentations: Services

Keynote Presentations

Inspire and Unleash the Passion of Your Organization

Kirby James has presented to well over 25,000 people on a wide range of inspirational topics.

Kirby brings powerful stories, amazing experiences, tremendous audience reviews and a proven ability to inspire your organization to tackle the big challenges you face.

Every topic Kirby speaks about is focussed on improving performance and results.

Choose from established presentations or something custom just for your audience. 

Keynote Presentations: Services
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