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Powerful Workshops

Impactful Development Experiences

Our workshops are delivered IN PERSON or live online.

Kirby has delivered presentations and workshops to more than 25,000 adults around the world to high acclaim.

Frame for Your Projects

Powerful Project Management

Technical Meets Real World

Project Management often focusses on the PMI PMBOK approach and rightly so. Yet too often the people dimension of managing projects becomes secondary.

In this 2-day, intensive, simulation based workshop learn Project Management fundamentals merged with the challenges of mindset, resistance to change and effective communication.

Performance Management by the Numbers

Leadership needs data to guide decisions.

Most leadership programs focus on the people dimension. Yet what data guides the leader on what direction to lead their teams?

Learn from a Master Black Belt of Lean 6 Sigma, scientist and software company co-founder on how to understand and apply data to improve the performance of your organization.    

Workshops - Virtual & F2F: Services
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