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Mastery is a Choice

At every stage of life we choose our path. The famous poet Neil Peart wrote "if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice". So whether we actively or passively choose which direction our life goes, we play a major role in that process.

This is and has been a guiding concept for me. At every turn, with every little decision, we are all choosing our own path. The people we select or fail to remove from our life alter our course. Actions we take or do not take can change so much.

Many decisions over many years, schooled me on this powerful idea.

My own achievements tell me we all can reach for what we choose. In my case, it was to attain a Master Black Belt of Taekwondo, a goal I set many years before.

What is your goal? Once you have it, every little decision can lead you to it, or away. It's your choice.

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